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Hoop Earrings Canada

Shop for beautiful hoop earrings in Canada from DeanDavidson and make an elegant entrance that is unforgettable. You’ll love the styles and unique collections found in our inventory- choose from Morocco, Dune, Kamala, or Bossa Nova hoop earrings made to complement any outfit. Our best-selling hoops include:

  • Tubular Medina Hoops with a perforated grid look that provides 3D intrigue, harnessing light and redirecting it in cascades of beautiful shimmers. Available in both gold and silver, our Medina hoops are the perfect accompaniment to that little black dress. You’ll be found stylish at any event with these surprisingly light, large gold or silver hoops.
  • Kamala Spiral Hoops are unlike anything you’ve seen before in a hoop earring, designed after the beauty of the lotus flower, our Kamala Spirals resemble floating petals on rippling water, adorned with your choice of Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, or Citrine gems. See how our spirals look on our jewelry model- you’ll simply love the look!
  • Trinity Hoops make a bold statement without weighing down your lobes. Clear, smooth arcs are finely crafted from gold or silver, hanging in graceful fans from a single point at the top. You’ll reach for our Trinity Hoops again and again when looking for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Trinity earrings are the most popular hoop earrings in Canada.

Match For Success

Our hoop earrings are made to pair with similarly designed necklaces and bracelets. You can put together a beautiful accessory set by selecting from our exclusive collections: Bossa Nova, Kamala, Dune, Morocco, or Bridal. Our Bossa hoop earrings match perfectly with a Bossa cuff, a Nova ring, Bossa charm necklace, or half gemstone Bossa pendant necklace. Start your search for the right hoop earrings by selecting ‘Collections’ from our menu.

Why Buy From DeanDavidson

Our gold jewelry is cast from high-quality brass and plated in the finest 22kt gold. Signature brushed finish offers a look of luxury without the high price of pure gold. Our silver jewelry starts with the same top quality brass and is plated with rhodium and brush finished for a unique look you’ll absolutely love.

See our new line of gemstones for the upcoming year in the ‘Discover DD’ section of our website. Our custom-cut and polished gems complement many of our signature pieces and make them an attractive part of your wardrobe.

New Arrivals

See what’s new at DeanDavidson in our newest arrival inventory where you’ll find Casablanca drop earrings, Lariat and Pendant necklaces, charm necklaces, chain bracelets, gemstone charm necklaces, Marrakech earrings, and the most beautiful hoop earrings in Canada. We’re certain you’ll love the look of our new additions- feel free to pair them with one or two items from our traditional collection for a unique look that will turn heads.

Our designs are worn by celebrities the world over. Once you see our one-of-a-kind designs, you’ll notice more and more Hollywood stars who turn to DeanDavidson for top quality jewelry accessories.