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Bengal Bracelet Canada

A woman is defined not just by the shoes or dress that she wears but also by the piece of jewelry that she puts on. In all places, women are seen wearing different sorts of jewelry. Whether this item is a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, wearing any of these pieces in whatever special event will define a woman’s confidence, the style that she conveys, along with the personality and beauty that she has.

However, as a woman, styling on an accessory that doesn’t match your outfit will genuinely bring you an incomplete or unsuccessful look. If you are looking for a Bengal bracelet in Canada or a piece of statement jewelry for whatever special occasion that you are attending, Dean Davidson has it for you.

How Fine Is It Made?

Our Bengal bracelet in Canada, along with the entire gold pieces of Dean Davidson are cast from the highest and the best quality of brass plated in gold that is 22KT. The quality of this bracelet is even made luxurious by having its finished design with Davidson’s unique brushed signature in it. As for our silver pieces, they too are made from the brass of highest quality, only that they are plated in rhodium instead of being plated in gold.  They also carry the same inimitable brushed signature found in gold.

To further improve the sensation and artistry of Davidson’s current collections, he opts for different choices of gemstones each season. The gemstones which harmonize with his progressing designs are entirely cut in custom and shined in India and Jaipur. These gemstones namely are Black Onyx, Blue Chalcedony, Citrine, Cranberry Quartz, Green Onyx, Labradorite, Ocean Blue Chalcedony, Pink Chalcedony, and Rainbow Moonstone. Each of these gemstones has its own characteristic and purpose. You, as the wearer, will have to choose which among these gemstones in your Bengal bracelet is fit for your outfit and will look gorgeous in that particular occasion.

When Caring For It

Before wearing your Bengal bracelet or any of Davidson’s jewelry collection, make sure to spray first your perfume or apply first your lotion since doing the opposite can stain or discolor the metal. Use cloths that are made for polishing like the non-abrasives and the ones which will do the cleaning in small efforts. To put in more protection to your jewelry, place it inside a DD pouch after use.

How to Get One of These?

Putting on our Bengal bracelet or any of our collection is one brilliant way to define your confidence, your style, your personality, and your beauty as a woman. To gift yourself a piece or countless of our best creations, you can reach us thru our website, join us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. If you wish to make wholesale inquiries or web orders, you can send us an email at and respectively or call us at this number +1-647-793-4818. If you are interested to know more about our recent sales, releases, and more, you can sign up for our news and updates by typing your first and last name including your email address.